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Jan 31 2018

English Department wins Provost s Teaching Award

The Department of English, long recognized for its remarkable teaching faculty, has been awarded the “Provost’s Award for Excellence in Teaching.” The Department offer courses in a wide array of disciplines, including British and American literature, Linguistics, Creative Writing, Professional Technical Communication, and Children’s Literature. Please take a look at the course. English Department wins Provost s Teaching Award Read more

Kirk Melnikoff Named Bank of America Teaching Finalist

Professor Kirk Melnikoff has been named one of the finalists of the 2017 Bank of America Teaching Award. Prof. Melnikoff is a scholar of Renaissance literature and has written extensively about publishing history, and the work of Robert Greene (1558-1592), Christopher Marlowe(1564-1593), and, of course, William Shakespeare (1564-1616). Melnikoff’s important book, Elizabethan. Kirk Melnikoff Named Bank of America Teaching Finalist Read more

Welcome Students Fall 2017

Welcome to both undergraduate students and graduate student taking courses or majoring in English. We are excited about the semester ahead and about the may engaging and challenging classes being offered. You, like every employer, politician, and citizen are clearly aware of the value of the Humanities in general, and of English. A recent article in the Atlantic, “The. Welcome Students Fall 2017 Read more


In an International world. it’s worth thinking about the meaning of nationhood. Canada turns 150 on July 1st (having formed a country at the same time that the US was undergoing “reconstruction”) and the US, which turns 241 on July 4th. International Read more

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