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Aug 31 2018

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All your small business finances in one place

“Outright gets what it means to run a small business”

Darn Good Yarn Inc.

I’m a one-woman business and I don’t have time to play around searching for numbers and sifting through clunky reports that take forever for Paypal to generate. Outright has changed everything for me. From tracking where and who my best customers are, to running basic sales reports, to getting my taxes together, Outright “gets” what it means to run a small business and provides user-friendly tools. It allows me to focus on my business more and use Outright as a tool to help me achieve goals!

“I needed something that was easy to setup”

Conrad Borba

Conrad Design

I am a one man business. As a graphic designer, I needed something that was easy to setup and use on a regular basis. Quickbooks was just too complicated for me. I got on to outright from Shoeboxed and was excited to see PayPal and Freshbooks integration. Everything works nicely together. Connecting to my bank was simple. I like that I can put in my mileage and track my taxes easily. It has made quarterly taxes a breeze. I can’t wait to see what else you guys have to in store to make the better than it already is. Thanks!

“Outright organized my world!”

Doris Weldon

Green Doxie Events

With Outright, my life is so much simpler . allowing more time for me to concentrate on my business while knowing that my business financial stats are virtually automated. In a moment’s notice (and thanks to the iPhone app especially), I know where my income stands for the week, the month or the year. Sales taxes are calculated to the penny for me, income taxes are estimated quarterly and I always know if I have extra dough for that pair of shoes I’d been eye-balling.

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Accounting software for small business free

Accounting software for small business free

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