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Aug 31 2017

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is simply unlike any other program
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Which Works Best For You?

Capture Leads and Generate Business.

Web Inquiry

Capture valuable lead information from visitors to your company’s website, and instantly convert those details into new leads or even prospective events in Caterease!

Using the powerful Caterease Web Inquiry, you are able to design any number of custom web forms to place on your website – including custom colors and images to reflect your company’s unique branding. Visitors to your site fill out whatever information you want and submit those details directly into your Caterease program where you can easily track and process them.

Building your business has never been easier!

Online Ordering with Zuppler™

The Caterease interface with Zuppler Online Ordering gives your customers the flexibility to book their own parties online.

Using an easy, guided ordering page that is branded to match your website, your customers can enter all of their party details – including selecting specific menu items and even posting payment. The resulting order is submitted directly into your Caterease program for you to review and process (or optionally reject) instantly!

Electronic Signatures

Go completely paperless with electronic signatures through our seamless Caterease-DocuSign interface. Insert DocuSign placeholders for signatures, initials and other information virtually anywhere in your custom event prints, and even add placeholders for event-specific comments or other details on-the-fly.

Send DocuSign documents directly from your Caterease program – taking advantage of powerful email features such as custom merge letters, dynamic merge subject lines and more – and then store and track the documents easily in our DocuSign management tool.

Get electronic signatures the easy way, with the Caterease-DocuSign interface.

Online Proposals

Stand out from your competition with fun, attractive, custom online proposals created easily through our seamless interface with Paperless Proposal.

Create any number of custom, attractive Caterease event prints – and then combine those with video, audio, images and other web media for the ultimate presentation. Your customers will be wowed as your custom online proposal brings their upcoming event to life.

Help your customers see their event through your eyes, the way it could be – with the powerful Caterease-Paperless Proposal interface.

Caterease. Anytime. Anywhere.

Enjoy on-the-go access to important Caterease information with the amazingly powerful Caterease CEC Mobile app for iOS and Android devices, offering such handy features as:

  • Detailed dashboard of current data
  • Current event calendar with details
  • Live, editable client information
  • Real-time web leads with option to process
  • Scheduled staff for all parties
  • And more!

Caterease CEC Mobile lets you have all of your important information in the palm of your hand – anytime, anywhere!

It s Your Image

Every time you host an event, you spend time and take care to make the right impression. You care about your company s image. Don t cheapen it with the canned, unattractive, uninspiring prints and emails offered in other software programs.

Caterease offers two powerful tools that allow you to create any number of custom event prints. The powerful Print Designer included in the program offers attractive, professionally designed templates that you can modify yourself in an easy wizard tool. The optional Marketing Tools package extends your creativity even further by providing a word processor that lets you create virtually any custom print layout or email correspondence that you can imagine.

Remember: It’s your image. Don’t trust it to anything less than Caterease.

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May 30th, 2017 | Comments Off on Caterease Announces Credit Card Processing Through Vantiv Integrated Payments

Caterease, the leading provider of catering and event planning software, is excited to announce their powerful new interface with Vantiv Integrated Payments Solution. Using this tool, Caterease users can process customer credit cards quickly and easily in Vantiv s slick, easy, secure environment.

April 12th, 2017 | Comments Off on Caterease Starts Spreadin the News with Automatic Information Notifications

Have you heard? Well, if the subject is the latest important Caterease information, then the answer is a resounding Yes! thanks to a handy new automatic notification tool available to all Caterease users.

March 20th, 2017 | Comments Off on Caterease Is Right At Home in The Big Easy

What better venue to learn about the user-friendly features of Caterease Software than a city nicknamed The Big Easy ? With the catering and event planning industry s largest tradeshow, Catersource, choosing a new city for its location this year, its largest software provider, Caterease, decided to add a few new twists as well.

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