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Nov 25 2017

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Rent to own vendor finance is buying LAND WE OWN by paying by it off over a few years, instead of paying for it in full in the standard 60 days. You can pay-off the land over one year to a maximum of 10 years. There is no penalty for early repayment.

You can only choose a property from this website.

Please note we do not lend money for you to buy a property of your choice elsewhere in Australia.

We enter into a standard legal Loan Agreement and Repayment Schedule.
Contact us for a copy of the Loan Agreement.


We remain the owners of the property until the Loan Amount is paid in full.
Loan Amount means the price of the land any interest/fees payable as per the Loan Agreement, ie Council Rates.

Transfer of Ownership / Sale

After you have repaid the Loan Amount in full (ie in 10 years time) a standard NSW Contract for the Sale of Land will be completed. Transfer of ownership will be registered with the NSW Titles Office and a Certificate of Title will be issued in your name.


We require no security.

Proof of Income

We require no proof of income. It is simply your responsibility to make your repayments on time according to the Repayment Schedule of the Loan Agreement.

$750.00 when the sale is completed (ie in 10 years). This pays for conveyancing fees, New Title Fee and “stamping” with the Office of State Revenue for Stamp Duty. Stamp duty is additional cost and is calculated on the property price – this is paid to the NSW Office of State Revenue.

Repayment Term. 1 to 10 years.

Interest Rate. 6.8% Fixed

Early Repayment. No penalty


After the property has been paid-off in full:

A NSW Contract for the Sale of Land is completed, including Transfer Form and Enos Form.

2. You Sign the Contract Transfer Form

The Contract and Transfer Form is sent to you or your solicitor for your signature. You may use your own solicitor to complete your conveyancing o r we can process the sale for you at a cost of $750.00 which includes NSW Government new Title fee, legal agent fees, etc.

3. Certified Copy of Your Driver’s Licence

The NSW Government requires you to provide a certified photocopy of your ID in order for a property to be transferred into your name. Therefore you must have a solicitor or a Justice of the Peace to certify a photocopy of your driver’s licence as a true copy. You forward this to us which is attached to your Contract and Transfer Form.

4. We Sign The Contract Transfer Form

You return the Contract and Transfer Form to us for our signature.

5. Legal Agent Processing

The Contract, Transfer Form and Enos Form are sent to legal agents in Sydney for processing.

The Contract goes to the NSW Office of State Revenue first for stamping. Stamp Duty payable at this time and it is payable to the NSW Office of State Revenue.

The Contract and Transfer Form then goes to the NSW Titles Office for issue of a new Title in your name.

The Enos Form is sent to the local Council notifying Council of the transfer of ownership. Rates Notices will then be sent direct to you at your address.

5. New Title

The New Title is issued in your name which is sent to you by registered post.

Note: The above process takes about 3-4 weeks.

Contact us if you would like us to email you a copy of our standard Loan Agreement.

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