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Sep 30 2017

Drug Screening for Employers #oral-eze, #oral #swab #drug #test, #oral #fluid #drug #test, #oral #drug


Oral Fluid Testing Overview

The easy-to-use oral fluid drug test that no employer should be without.

Oral fluid testing offers confidential lab-based drug test results from an easy-to-use oral fluid collection method. By using oral fluid instead of urine, donors can collect and cap their own samples on-site and in the presence of a monitor, reducing the likelihood of tampering or a donor challenge later in the screening process.

Detects Recent Drug Use
When compared to urine and hair drug tests, oral fluid is best at detecting recent drug use. Drugs take time to metabolize and pass through the system in a urine test, and the same drugs are incorporated as hair grows and it takes time for the drug to be present in the hair above the scalp. But an oral fluid test will often detect drugs in a donor s system immediately after use. This makes oral fluid testing ideal for a broad range of testing situations ranging from pre-employment, to reasonable suspicion, to post-accident testing where the employer is interested in assessing what s in the donors system at the time of the drug test collection.

Observed, Tamper-Resistant Collections

Oral fluid testing requires a small sample that is collected under direct supervision. Because collections are observed, oral fluid testing is considered a tamper-resistant screening method in that it s difficult for a donor to cheat or adulterate their sample.

On-Site Collections Maximize Productivity
Oral fluid collections are simple to perform and are typically conducted at the place of employment, eliminating collection fees and reducing lost productivity. For more on how to perform an Oral-Eze drug test collection, download our step-by-step collection instructions .

Donors are sometimes unable to void enough urine to be tested in an urine drug screen. Other donors lack the necessary hair to have a hair drug screen performed. Oral fluid differs in that a specimen is usually easy to collect because almost every donor is able to provide a sufficient sample for testing. Oral fluid also helps to eliminate gender-based collection site issues or potential invasions of privacy.

Fast, Reliable Results
Our dependable turnaround times drive timely hiring decisions. Sample collection with the Oral-Eze collector typically takes approximately five minutes. Testing is performed as soon as the specimen arrives at our lab, with negative screening results reported the same day it is screened. Positive results are confirmed, reviewed, and typically reported within 72 hours of receipt.

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