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Oct 17 2017

Expert Piano Moving – Long Distance, Nationwide Piano Movers #long #distance #moves


Experience Matters When it Comes to Moving Pianos

At Expert Piano Moving, we have over 20 years of piano moving experience and we’re fully insured from the time we first touch your valuable piano, to the time we carefully place it at its final destination. Expert Piano Moving moves all types of pianos, ranging from spinets, consoles, uprights and digitals to 9-11ft foot concert grand pianos and specialty pianos of all kinds. We safely move pianos up or down flights of stairs, over flagstone pathways or up onto balconies and more. Whatever it takes. As expert piano movers we take extra special care so as not to scratch or damage your piano in any way, or compromise its integrity as a valued musical instrument or cherished family heirloom. Keep your piano safe and call the experts!

Moving Acoustic and Digital Pianos

I chose Expert Piano Moving because it was the only company that came up when I searched “Piano Movers” on Yelp. I’m so glad I called. A really friendly voice answered the phone and ran through a few simple questions. Two very friendly dudes showed up at the address with a large van loaded with enough equipment to haul King Kong, and they set to work. If you are considering opening a piano moving company, consider this: most of the homes in ABQ proper were originally designed for small lives: small people, small doorways, small rooms. Pianos aren’t small. Those two dudes spent about 90 minutes carefully wheeling that monstrosity out of a tiny New Mexican home without a nick of damage: fantastic. For the quote, effort, time and care, this company delivered an incredible performance.

Expert Piano Moving

Jan 31, 2014
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Your Trusted Piano Movers State-to-State
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    Phone: (505) 880-0880

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