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Sep 18 2018

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job hunt

Have you ever thought .

  • This is “my perfect job”, but I don’t have the years of experience required. What do I do?”
  • I can do much more, but how do I show that I’m ready to move up a level?
  • I can’t find the job I really want. I have no choice but to take what I can get.

Job Hunt School has answers and helps you with all this and more.

Job hunt

We’ve all hear it: “Job Hunting sucks!” When I hear that, I know the person saying it has not learned the 1% secret. Learn it and enter the level of the most elite candidates. This “a-ha” moment packed presentation will shed light on how to make employers value you, pursue you and pay you what you ask.

The sneak preview opens the door to an informed job hunt.

Take it today and never feel worried and frustrated again.

Job Hunt like a High-Performer

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Job hunt

Job hunt

Job Hunt School Promotes You

Everyone is telling you what to say, do and be to behave like the “perfect candidate.” Job Hunt School shows you how to leverage your uniqueness and originality to showcase yourself as a one-of-a-kind offering and get paid that way!

Job Hunt School gives you smart content in engaging short, information-packed videos with real life examples, paired with do-the-work-for-you “cheat sheets.” Real life advice from a real life career strategist who has been there and is on your side.

99% of employer’s are searching on LinkedIn but most job seekers are using pre-LinkedIn tactics. Learn how to be discovered by the right employers for you. Use smart design, head turning copy to make them think, “this is just was we’ve been looking for!” and to hit all the hot buttons that make recruiters take immediate action and chase you instead of the other way around.

Expand your network when you join our exclusive community of movers and shakers, leaders and influencers. You’ll get access to this amazing community and always have a place to go to get your questions answered – “What is TCP?” “What’s the right way to ask for and get changes to my employment contract?” “How do I answer ‘what’s your biggest weakness'” and much more.

Career Strategist, TEDx Speaker and Award-Winning Presenter

“My philosophy is that finding and getting work you love should not be frustrating and make you feel defeated. I worked with too many people who were unhappy, anxious and full of questions with no trusted resource to go for honest answers. That’s why I created Job Hunt School.

As an award winning presenter, TEDx speaker and career strategist, Courtney’s mission is to help you get real about what you want and give you the tools to get a job and career that fits you, your values and lifestyle.

As a former executive experienced in talent development for the world’s largest companies in the US, Europe and Asia, Courtney offers insider information and an informed vantage point on both sides of the job hunt.

Driven by a desire for independence and freedom, Courtney founded her own company and inspires and trains thousands of professionals and job seekers, to get the job and create the lifestyle they want.

A firm believer in philanthropy, giving back and the idea that “we can change the world through our work,” a portion of all Courtney’s program and speaking fees goes to the Pathways to Success program to help high school students learn success skills early, and go for their dreams, always.

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