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Nov 25 2017

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4 out of 5. reviewed on Jul 22, 2016

Homestart cleary states its loans are to HELP obtain a home, not get into the market dont cry hardship and complain they wont let you rent it out-If you are speculating with rental properties get the appropriate loan. Homestart is there to make loans more obtainable for individuals or families who would otherwise be stuck renting to parasitic landlords indefinitely – try crying hardship to them.
In summary, those individuals who think they can make it big by using homestart to obtain rental properties knowing full well that is not homestarts purpose are akin to drivers parking in disabled carparks – it just wastes time and makes it more difficult for the genuine applicants.

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5 out of 5. reviewed on Mar 20, 2015

Our regular bank was concerned that my husband and I (in our fifties) would be saddled with a mortgage by the time we retire. Home start didn t care, as long as we had an income stream to service the loan, which we certainly have. Although the interest rate is about .40 higher, the fees are very low with a 100$ annual review fee. No expensive insurance either. With people living longer and working longer, hopefully the fusty big 4 banks will stop the ageist attitude towards older people and stop pandering to the younger and the financially vulnerable who are saddled with large mortgages.

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BEWARE. You better not lose your job.

1 out of 5. reviewed on Feb 11, 2015

I was earning a good income so much so my husband could work part time, they my agency lost the contract, so the bulk of my income disappeared, Homestart are totally uncaring, I kept in contact all the way along. Just had our application for short term hardship refused. Do not expect understanding as there is none. I will get extra work again I m sure. But my my husband now in his seventies is not working. HOMESTART are in no way shape or form for the Battler!

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Great service good product for those starting over

5 out of 5. reviewed on Jan 03, 2014

As an older couple we found a couple of banks worried more about a home loan exit strategy. With Homestart, it wasn t an issue. We secured a small mortgage and the terms and affordability were excellent. All in all it took roughly 3 weeks for final approval but it was worth it. Very, very cost effective.

very affordable, low costs, payments not tied into rising rates

not a fast turn-around time

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1 out of 5. reviewed on Sep 05, 2012

I signed up with Homestart for my first home as part of the Brahma Green Development, as a way to get into the market I was told this was good loan, beware you cant rent your house out, I lost my job and was told I would be sued if I rented the house out as I was offered a job in another city.

They also hgely over valued all 11 properties in our development most by about 20000, this is a real problem becuase refinancing is now not an option.

They loan they set up also had a shared equity portion, this has a serivce fee attached, this ser

vice fee is a rip off, the amount payable say over 20 years is 5 times what the amount is.
In a sentence beware of these guys that are not as good as they seem

was quick

No Flex, very high exit cost, Over valuation

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    Information, choice cash saving

    by Heidi h on 05-Sep-2016

    Our experience with Loan Market has been exceptional. Information provided was easy to understand, our choices were clear we saved a bucket load.

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    Professional a pleasure to deal with.

    by Looch on 05-Sep-2016

    Miguel Gonzalez answered all our questions on the spot and offered some suggestions that made the whole experience a pleasure and pain free. His i.

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    Quick, easy to understand, left me feeling confident.

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