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Apr 19 2018

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Forex Software

The CORE of all of our Forex Trading Systems is to trade the STRONGEST currency vs the WEAKEST until the market moves statistically TOO FAR and then trade counter trend.

Forex software

How they will IMPROVE your Trading

  • Immediately SEE the Trends!
  • FOCUS on trading Strongest Trends
  • Improved timing of Entries Exits
  • ANTICIPATE future price moves
  • Trendline Breaks (Audio Alerts)
  • Fibonacci Levels
  • Double Tops Bottoms
  • Spot Breakouts False Breakouts

Forex Signals

Forex software

INSTEAD of developing a trading system that works some days, loses others, we have created a SERIES of over 125 different PATTERNS in 25+ different categories of trades including

  • Swing Expansion (Example: Swing High is far over previous upswing, with decent pullback and momentum picking back up to the upside)
  • Double Tops/Bottoms (Example : Buy signals around 12:30 on chart on the right. Previous swing low acts as support for possible up move)
  • Low Volatility Breakouts
  • Fibonacci Pullback Trend Trades
  • Fibonacci Profit Target Counter Trend Trades (Using our statistical momentum to never sell SUPER STRONG markets or buy SUPER WEAK!)
  • Support Resistance
  • Support Resistance Retests (Example: When price BREAKS THROUGH support (very weak) and then comes up to touch it and thus is likely to go back down.
  • 3 Line Break
  • Hourly Moving Average Bounce
  • Volume Profile Analysis (Both Daily and Weekly)
  • And many more!

Build Your OWN Trend

Forex software

Advanced Traders, you can now CUSTOMIZE our best statistical trend tools to create your own trend indicators and intelligent trailing stops (You can adjust which tools are used, the time frames, other settings and weightings!)

Auto Fibonacci Levels

Forex software

Our Trading Zones Script shows HUMAN DERIVED Fibonacci Levels on your charts. We spend 30-45 minutes per night doing Fibonacci analysis so you don’t have to! We show you both Fib Retracements (light gray) and Fibonacci Profit Targets (Dark Gray).


Forex software

A favorite amongst new traders we take our best statistical trend tools, using multiple time frames and simplify it down to a red / green system.

Currency Meter

Forex software

We statistically compare every currency to every other using our best tools, 3 of which measure DIRECTION and 2 measure INTENSITY. Simply buy strongest currency vs weakest and sell weakest vs strongest.

Range Charting

Forex software

Instead of time based charts, Range Charts are superior because they only draw new bars when price moves X pips. During dead times there are fewer bars and during news or volatile times you have more bars which allows you to have tighter stops and more precision.

Narrow Range Breakouts

Forex software

Low Volatility periods tend to precede HIGH VOLATILITY TREND PERIODS. Buy/sell the breakout of these patterns and if breakout is false flip and go the other way because most days big moves happen.

FX Trend Reversal

Forex software

Our most popular trend reversal tool now lets you MONITOR 4 TIMEFRAMES on one chart for even more awareness as to when trends change.

Daily / Weekly / Monthly Trend

Forex software

Trading with the Trend has never been easier as we show you the Daily / Weekly / Monthly Statistical Trends in small foot print color strip.

Containment Bands

Forex software

This dual purpose tool lets you see a higher time frame moving average (Used as Support Resistance and as TREND FILTER) and our proprietary algorithm goes back twenty days to find MAXIMUM volatility which we then plot around the moving average.

Previous Day/Week/Month HI LO

Forex software

Powerful Support Resistance levels that also act as FILTERS, Profit Targets, Breakout Levels, part of our Failed Breakout System.

Pivots – Daily

Forex software

Daily Pivot Points show Yesterday’s Average Price (white line) where you want to buy above and sell below, and provide minor support resistance levels and part of our TREND ZONE system.

Pivots – Weekly Monthly

Forex software

MAJOR Support Resistance levels the market typically stalls or reverses here. You can use them as profit targets (exits) and areas to look for counter trend trades.

Daily Moving Averages

Forex software

Many traders are FORCED to run daily charts to see major moving averages (such as 10, 20, 50 and 200). Our Daily Moving Avg(s) script lets you see these MAJOR Support Resistance levels on any intraday chart!

Full Fibonacci Drawing Tools

Forex software

Our COMPLETE Fibonacci tool shows Fibonacci Retracements, Fibonacci Profit Targets, and Fibonacci Time Extensions.

Analyze Your Trading Performance

Forex software

Meta Trader users can export their trades and get a deep understanding of their trading AND see it visually on a graph. Also provided is a What-If Planner to help you see how your account will grow under various pips/day scenarios, and a comprehensive Forex Position Sizer

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