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Jul 24 2017

Nortel and Norstar telephone systems installed by Datacom Solutions Vancouver #phone #system #nortel


Norstar CICS

With the Norstar CICS telephone system, it s easy to integrate your choice of valuable Norstar Applications, such as Voice Mail for accurate and prompt message delivery. Or Fax Messaging to retrieve faxes wherever there s a fax machine and to provide immediate round-the-clock fax responses to routine inquiries. Even Computer-Telephony Integration (CTI), which can streamline your work and improve call efficiency by enabling phones and computers to work together.

Start with the solutions you need now, then add other applications when you re ready. The Norstar Compact ICS telephone system is flexible, expanding with your business easily and cost-effectively. Because of its building-block design, you can start with 4 lines and 8 stations or 4 lines and 16 stations, and grow to 8 lines and 24 stations with software and system expansion cartridges.

What s more, the Compact ICS telephone system shares many components, including Norstar telephones and some system hardware, with the Modular ICS. So when you re ready to grow even more, you can easily migrate to the Modular ICS telephone system. That s one way Norstar protects your investment, reducing your cost of ownership.

Integrated Automated Attendant

When your receptionist is overloaded or away from the desk, calls may go unanswered or must be covered by another person, taking them away from other responsibilities. The integrated Automated Attendant in the Norstar Compact ICS telephone system efficiently answers and transfers incoming calls 24 hours a day, enhancing your business image and customer service.

The Norstar Compact ICS telephone system supports high-speed communications over Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Basic Rate Interface (BRI) allowing you to get, move, and use the information you need quickly and efficiently to keep your business moving ahead. ISDN supports several applications your business needs, like:

  • High-speed Internet access.
  • Faster Credit Card or Debit card approval.
  • CTI applications for increased personal productivity and improved customer service.

Internal Analog Terminal Adapter (ATA)

To be as flexible as possible businesses need to be able to connect additional communications devices, such as fax machines, modems, cordless phones, and credit card terminals to their phone system. With one internal ATA you can connect any analog communications device to the Norstar Compact ICS telephone system without the expense of a dedicated line or additional hardware. Additional ATAs can easily be added if you need more.

With the Norstar Compact ICS telephone system you won t have to worry about replacing your system to take advantage of evolving communications technologies. The open architecture of the Compact ICS makes it inherently adaptable and cost-effective to add new capabilities.

Norstar Quality and Reliability

The company that stands behind the advanced technology of Norstar Compact ICS telephone system is Nortel Networks. Founded in 1895, Nortel Networks is now one of the world s leading providers of fully digital telecommunications switching and transmission systems and Norstar is the #1 small-system choice for all types of businesses around the world.

The Compact ICS telephone system is packed with powerful advantages for your business, never missing a call, reducing costs while increasing productivity and improving customer service. It integrates all your communications into an affordable phone system with room to grow and change economically.

Norstar Modular ICS (MICS Telephone system )

This Modular Integrated Communications System (MICS ) is the most comprehensive of the Norstar product offerings. The Norstar Modular Integrated Communications System (ICS ) is a key Norstar telephone system designed for growing small-to-medium businesses and is expandable up to 272 ports. This telephone system has advanced integrated applications include voice messaging, unified messaging, digital networking, enhanced call centers and speech recognition. The Modular ICS telephone system can expand with your business through the addition of trunk and station modules as you need them.

Modular, scalable design lets you choose the system that fits your needs today, while planning for the future.

Digital technology creates a platform for current and future PC-based applications.

Wide range of call processing and call handling features designed to drive productivity and profitability into your business.

High bandwidth to the desktop enables you to use applications like ISDN and Computer telephony integration without changing your existing wiring.

Reliability with one of the highest mean time between failures in the industry over 100 years.

A Norstar Modular ICS telephone system (MICS ) provides increased processing power, networking capability and advanced features that can be customized to fit both present and future communications needs.The Modular ICS has the ability to integrate high value applications to the phone system as the business need arises: advanced Voice Mail, Call Center Applications, integrated Mobility, Internet Access, ISDN and Desktop CTI.

Modular ICS XC:

A Modular ICS system telephone system (MICS ) equipped with XC software is for a larger telephone system configuration (12-port expandability) to meet the needs of a large or growing companies. Companies that want integration with the latest technology, such as voice processing, T1/PRI trunking, and mixed analog/digital configuration that will maximize their system use.

For a business that currently owns a Modular ICS telephone system, XC software is an easy and cost-effective way to upgrade to a more advanced telephone system with more possibilities for integration. A customer looking for Modular ICS equipped with XC software is looking for Companion wireless mobility functionality to allow employees to be easily accessible anywhere in the building or on the surrounding grounds.


The Modular ICS telephone system (MICS) with PRI has been designed for the customer who has a requirement for high speed information access or transfer. This customer is one who currently uses T1 lines and is presently constrained by using dedicated voice and data lines. The PRI customer likely has a larger station size key system. The Modular ICS telephone system with PRI will appeal to the customer who is sensitive to the savings gained from call by call service selection as this could represent an average minimum cost and efficiency savings of 20% over T1 systems. Customers who have employees who telecommute and need access to company databases, networks, e-mail, etc. and those who have employees who frequently travel to attend meetings are likely PRI prospects. Customers who use multiple analog lines for telephone, fax and modem, as well as, those who require data transfer or sharing of databases between multiple locations, will benefit greatly from the Modular ICS with PRI.

Modular ICS ISDN-BRI – System: The BRI option for Modular ICS telephone system is designed for the customer who wants the speed and reliability of digital lines with the added flexibility and features of ISDN-BRI. The BRI customer likely has a smaller station size key system than the PRI customer. With BRI lines, customers can integrate their ICS telephone system with ISDN equipment and applications, and take advantage of the central office services offered for ISDN. Like T1, ISDN-BRI offers an economical option for backing up leased lines and supplies the digital lines needed to support the Computer Telephony Adapter.

Meridian Ksu’s

The size and communication needs of your business will help determine which of these telephone systems is best for you. Choose from the small business 6×16 (up to 6 phone lines and 16 extensions, or the 8×24 (up to 8 lines and 24 extensions). Both of these telephone systems are refurbished units and are subject to availability.

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