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Dec 31 2017

Scam Lender List – DO NOT trust these lenders

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The following is a list of lenders that are known to scam consumers. This list is updated daily so please check back often. If you are looking for a particular lender, the easiest way to find them is by doing a search in the upper right hand corner of the website.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, it’s illegal for companies doing business by phone in the U.S. to promise you a loan and ask you to pay for it before they deliver.

Last Updated: Wednesday, August 23, 2017

a promise of returned funds also on the above never followed through nor did the return calls for my 20g loan approved. when asked for more security funds and insurance funds for further approval i demanded my money back telling them at it was again the rules to even ask for such funds.
the scam they use is your credit is crap there for your security deposit is warranted. don t fall for this it s not legal i ve been told.

scammed out of $4000 by archstone solutions. 3G in securities fee s and 1g for insurance fees. then told i had to pay another 800 for more securities due to supposed brokers fee s beware of this. I have not received my funds back to date. the phone number 1-866-596-8373 is not in service and the only other number is 1877-3345711 to date is still ok but no funds received as yet? archstone solutions 1040 avenue of americas suite 2312 new york ny 10018 names involved are George Reid. Thomas green and Robert Hall.

I am searching for personal loan agent then i found infinityloan_agency. I just applied in their web for a personal loan, then they send a agreement, but they same thing happened they want INR 12,500 in advance to registered my loan application and to transfer the loan amount

please see bellow the agreement .

(MOTTO: We are FIDELITY, we keep to our WORDS.
Company Address: No 34b George IV bridge Edinburgh eh19lj scotland, West London
Mobile: +4470170476881
Date Issue: 16/03/2013


Made at WILLY LUIS FINANCIAL HOME on this Day 16TH of March, 2013

INFINITY FINANCIAL HOME HAVING ITS REGISTERED Address: Branch Office Address. 10th Floor Jeevan Prakash Building
25 Kasturba Gandhi Marg New delhi. 110001

The Lender: INFINITY FINANCIAL HOME: C.E.O MR ANDREW WHITE as the party of the 1st Part (which expression shall unless it be repugnant to the context or meaning thereof shall mean and include their respective successor, heirs, executors, administrators, legal representative, assignees and nominees).

Flat No- B/7,184,Garden Green Apartment,Near Jayshree Market, Banshdroni, Kolkata

Hereinafter referred to as the party of the 2nd Part (which expression shall unless be repugnant to the context or meaning thereof shall mean and include their respective successors, heirs, executors, administrators, legal, representatives, assignees and nominees).

1. (A). Loan Approval: Now therefore it is hereby mutually agreed by the part of the 1st Part, and 2nd Part that following terms and conditions are set forth hereinafter as MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING.

1. (B). The party of the 1st Part (INFINITY LUIS FINANCIAL HOME) has therefore agreed to arrange a loan of INR 200,000.00 to the party of the 2nd Part in either full borrower’s Account for the period of 5 Years (60 Months). The party of the 1st Part agrees to arrange disbursement of loan as under the loan terms and conditions stated below:


INR 200,000.00
Loan Interest Rate:

Monthly Loan Payment
INR, 3,593.74
Number of Payments:

Cumulative Payments:

INR 215,624.28
Total Interest Paid:

Furthermore be informed that in line with the rules governing this organization, you will be required to make payment on monthly basis.

Note: The monthly loan payment was calculated at 59 payments of INR3,593.74 plus a final payment of INR3,593.62.

Be paid into an account that will be given to you immediately you receive your funds into your Bank Account.

You Are Required To Agreed To The Below Agreement Before We Can Proceed With The Loan Transaction Process.
2. Bank to Bank Transfer: The transfer of the loan shall be via telegraphic swift wire transfer into the corresponding/designated local bank account of the borrower.
3. Registration fee: The party of the 2nd Part (Mrutunjay Sharma) shall be responsible for the remittance for the Bank Transfer Cost fee which is the sum of INR12,500 which is also known as our Bank Services Charges/Fees which will be required to enable our bank to commence on the transfer of the said loan fund into your designated local bank account and this Bank Transfer Fees cannot be deducted from the loan amount because of the hard cover insurance protection imposed on the loan fund.

4. Grace Period: Note that a grace period of Two (2) Months has been given to you before commencement of the monthly interest payments and you will have to make a monthly interest repayment of INR3,593.62.per month which will begin from the Third (6TH) month from the date of receiving the loan into your bank account.

5. Funds Utilization: The party of the 2nd Part (Borrower) undertakes the responsibility of utilizing the said fund for the purpose (s) and shall not be contrary to any federal law nor will be used for any criminal, subversive, money laundering, drug or terrorist/human trafficking activities.

6. Interest Rate: The 3% Interest Rate Per Annum on the loan amount is fixed, static and definite as defined in the loan terms and conditions.

7. Transaction Currency: This loan transaction is concluded in the currency of UNITED KINGDOM POUNDS ( INR 200,000.00) and both the 1st and 2nd Parties are aware of this.

8. Early Payment Penalty: In situations whereby the party of the 2nd Part/Borrower is able
To pay off both the principal loan and accrue interest amount before the end of the loan term, there shall be no penalty contrary to the early payment of the loan and the borrower shall not
Be penalized for early loan re-payment for whatsoever reason (s) because your ability and capability to repay both the loan and accrue interest before the end of the loan term is your choice.

9. Conclusion: Both parties hereto agree and undertake to furnish to the other any other
Instrument (s) or document (s) which either party may reasonably require not to comply with any law or regulation for the time being in force in the countries to the residence of the parties hereto but also to secure the interest of the parties hereto.

I ………………………………… ..hereby declare on this day …………… of …………………… 2013, that I have read and agreed to all the loan terms and conditions, principles and policies enclosed in this agreement to the best of my knowledge and hereby declare that the loan funds amounting to the sum of ( INR 200,000.00) to be transferred into my local bank account which I will provide AND I have also agreed that I have also agreed to pay for the Bank Transfer Fees to get my loan transferred into my bank account.

I have agreed to all the conditions are terms stated above to enable the bank wire the loan
Fund amounting to the sum of (INR 200,000.00) into my nominated bank account AND this agreement is static and correct at the time it was made and shall not be amended unless it has been agreed by both the party of the 1st Part and 2nd Part respectively.

Both parties agree with the content of OIC Occasional intermediary Contract.

We Are In Receipt Of Your Identity Proof.

Acknowledge the receipt of this mail and get back to us as soon as possible in order for us to send you our Loan Approval Letter upon which you will have to open your signature on for processing of your loan file.

I am waiting for your urgent response; your urgent response will determine how fast this Loan will get transfer into your account.

Thomas Freeman Mrutunjay Sharma
Associate Director Borrower (2nd Party)
Infinity Financial Home Date: ……………

Signed: ………………………. Signed by:
Larry Maxwell Infinity- Executive Director
Chief Executive Officer Andrew Financial Home
Willy Luis Financial Home

Signed: ……………………… Signed: ……………………… .
Mrs. Cynthia Blankenship Mr. Avid Moore- Finance Director
Executive Director

Signed: …………………………………….
Prepared, Seal and Signed Under My Hand:
Attorney Tom West
Senior Attorney
Tom West Attorneys
Legal Counsel to 1st Party/Witness

©Copyright 2012-2013 Infinity Financial Home. All Rights Reserved.

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