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Aug 31 2018

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Salesforce DMP for Publishers

Seeking Alpha Highlights a 24x ROI – Data Matters 2016

Today s media companies must harness the power of audience data and consumer insight to survive and thrive. Marketers are demanding data-driven solutions, and audiences are demanding more relevant, more valuable web experiences.

Salesforce s market-leading Data Management Platform (DMP) delivers. Now you, along with more than 100 of the world s leading publishers, can:

  • Protect your audience data assets.
  • Capture and unify data from every source.
  • Increase the value of your advertising inventory through advanced audience targeting capabilities.
  • Personalize content experiences through precise audience segmentation and targeting.
  • Create entirely new data-driven revenue streams through Salesforce DMP | Link .
  • Solve the cross-device identity challenge to enable true multi-channel, global messaging.
  • Leverage a wide range of 2nd and 3rd party data for reach extension.
  • Connect to more sources of buyer demand.

Salesforce DMP offers a faster, smarter. and safer way, delivering:

  • the right technology through our market-leading Salesforce DMP ;
  • access to the right data via Salesforce DMP | Link ; and
  • a breakthrough suite of Big Data services and resources with the first-of-its-kind Salesforce DSaaS (Data-Science-as-a-Service) offering.

Most importantly, Salesforce DMP focuses solely on data infrastructure and services. Salesforce DMP doesn t buy or sell media, and we don t operate a data exchange. so you can rest easy that our business objectives align 100% with yours.

Capture Module

The Capture Module is comprised of several loosely coupled components that work together to provide a framework for unifying people data from different sources and systems. To start, the Krux Control Tag and the Krux Mobile SDK, which are deployed in end-user applications like websites, ad creatives, and mobile apps stream data in real-time to our farm of distributed, low-latency data collection servers. Those servers collectively process over 75,000 data collection requests per second.

Recognizing the fact that the true power of the marketing hub function comes from a combination of offline and online data, Krux treats ETL as a first class Engineering problem. Our cloud based ETL platform that is built on top of Hadoop can onboard, process and activate data from CRM systems, transaction systems and any other offline data storage systems. Data collected from both sources online and offline is stored in raw form in our redundant, always-on storage layer that we have built using Amazon S3.

Analysis Module

When it comes to the Analysis Module, Krux faced two major challenges, both of which have shaped the very foundation of our data platform. First, traditional data analysis tools like SQL and Excel fall short because they cannot handle such large volumes. Second, we recognized that we would need to provide tools that could be used by our end-users, most of whom are primarily non-technical and don’t come from a Data Science or Data Analysis background.

To solve for this, we have built out an Analysis module, using Hadoop, Elastic Map-Reduce and Spark, that turns any Krux user into a Data Scientist. We provide a simple UI to perform complex analyses building audience segments or generating analytic insights. User input is transformed into Hadoop and Spark jobs using the Amazon Elastic Map-Reduce service. Our Reports Data Warehouse is also critical, where all results generated are streamed into Amazon Redshift to ensure access using Tableau or other reporting interfaces present within the Krux platform.

Activation Module

The Activation Module serves as the connections platform, routing and delivering people data to where it is needed through a real-time web-services and Server-to-Server integrations. The User Data Service is a highly fault tolerant web service that provides access to people data in real-time for the Krux Control Tag and Mobile SDK, powered by the Amazon DynamoDB NoSQL data store. An example of the Activation Module’s power is Krux Content Connector, our first vertical application, providing personalized content recommendations.

The entire platform is bookended by Krux Cloud Operating System — a collection of tools and services for resource management, auto-scaling and job management, and flow control that we have built using the Amazon Web Services APIs and open-source configuration management tools. Further, we provide several application and integration APIs that allow companies to operate and interact with Krux.

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